How it works

Computer vision solution based on your monitoring infrastructure

To minimize investments and changes in your infrastructure

  • 1

    Video streams

    deepsense Safety captures video streams from your monitoring infrastructure and streams to computing server

  • AI


    Artificial intelligence analyzes video stream in real time to automatically detect any potential hazards or safety rules violations

  • Alert


    When an event is detected an alert is sent to control and alerts and preventive actions are triggered automatically



STEP01Small-scale testing

~1 week | 4 stepsShow more/less

  • Identification of potentially hazardous events e.g., dangerous zones, safety procedures violations

  • Hardware requirements assessmentchecking lighting, available space etc.

  • Verification of feasibility of safety monitoring

  • Success metrics definition

STEP02AI model training

~2-3 weeks | 4 stepsShow more/less

  • Data collectioneither with data provided by you or we can help with collection

  • Labelling

  • Model training and tweaking

  • Testing to ensure high quality


~1-2 weeks | 3 stepsShow more/less

  • Hardware installation

  • Setting-up expert verification schemes

  • Integration with operations


~3-5 weeks | 4 stepsShow more/less

  • Identification of the full roll-out potential

  • Tweaking, customization of requred functions (if required)

  • Hardware installation

  • Full integration with operations

We offer a complete, end-to-end solution

We use our proprietary AI-models and partner with industry leading hardware manufacturers and integrators.

AI models

Training and learning algorithms

Data processing to generate decision

Graphical interfaces


Cameras and lasers

Sensors and triggers

Processing units

Integration with production line/factory operations

Integration with your equipment to allow automated interventions

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